Styles of yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Hatha meaning Sun and Moon, uses posturing to bring the body into harmony and balance as the seasons change. Hatha is a gentle slow combination of stretches to release tension and postures to bring you into alignment and enhance the flow of prana. Breathing techniques are important and promote fluidity and marry the movement with the breath to enhance the breath’s naturals rhythmic flow that is the basis of meditation in motion. Hatha yoga is suitable for beginners or anyone that is inspired to experience more relaxation and freedom in the body and mind so we can live more fully alive as well. This is a great starting point for anyone embarking on a Yoga journey. All levels of fitness and flexibility welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means breath synchronised movement. The class is designed to link the breath with the movement in a dynamic dance between strength and flexibility and consciousness. It is called vinyasa flow because of the smooth way the postures merge into one another. This style allows for variety and will certainly leave you feeling invigorated and ignite a sense of inner peace and clarity. This class is suitable for those of us who love to move the body, not just stretching.

Beginners Courses

The beginners courses are designed to introduce you to the fundamentals and techniques of yogaYoga that will keep you safe in your practice. Many of the poses are broken down anatomically so you can experience in the body the technical information that you would not necessarily get in a normal Hatha class. This is for absolute beginners or for those of us that may have had a long break from yoga and would like to build the confidence to move into a normal hatha class. The class will bring relief from muscular skeletal problems, teach deep-breathing relaxation and free the body and mind. This class is suitable for absolutely anyone, any age, any fitness level.

Gen X

Wise Moves targets the 40-50+ age bracket commonly known as Generation-X. Yoga is an ancient tradition and is known as the science of longevity, and for good reason.

Yoga is ideal for living longer and stronger in older years. Ageing in a natural part of life but rather than the downward spiral of deterioration that is usually the case, yoga can make you stronger and more flexible with age.

Yoga is an ageless process. Even very gentle poses can relieve stress, improve posture and restore balance. Existing injuries and other ailments can also also be improved. There are alternatives to every pose or in some cases you may wish to leave certain poses out altogether. Yoga can be practiced fully and deeply at any age, but the practice has to change as the body changes. Our classes are designed to cater to you as an individual.

At Yogamat’ers, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that is comfortable, flexible and encouraging, no matter your age or physical ability.

This class is suitable for any age, any level of fitness and flexibility or injury. All you need is a desire to release tension and create more freedom physically and mentally for the true enjoyment of being fully alive.

Yin Yoga

“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind” Suitable for all levels, Yin yoga focus’ on elephantstretching ligaments and connective tissue.

During this class we hold poses for longer so we can stretch deeply and gently. The very nature of Yin means that movements are slower and quieter, which assists in students moving into the state of meditation.

Often these Yin Yoga Classes Perth are more profound than the dynamic flow yoga because the body becomes still, as we hold poses for several minutes. Stillness in the body means the muscles are inactive. One of the muscle’s jobs is to protect the joints so by keeping the muscles quiet we allow the effect of a deep stretch to sink into the joints. When we move we affect the breath while stillness of the body leads to quieting of the breath and quietening the mind. It is important and complimentary to balance a dynamic muscular practice.

We recommend more advanced practitioners seek to balance their practice with at least one Yin Yoga class a week.
Beginners to yoga will also benefit from having a regular Yin practice.


Suitable for all levels Restorative Yoga Perth is ideal when you feel depleted or when recovering from illness. It is also a great idea to restore your body and bring balance to the more dynamic Vinyasa practice. Yoga is about balance, not just physically but energetically.

During a Restorative Yoga Class Perth we use props to support you. For example a bolster is used to support your weight. This means you will not require the use of energy to get energy and there is less focus on stretching the muscles and more on releasing tension.

Restorative Yoga increases the circulation of the blood to key organs and the mind becomes still and lucid while you hold the postures for longer. Often in the western world there is a tendency for newcomers to yoga, to seek strong sensations in the muscles as proof of something happening.

At Yogamat’ers we encourage students to look deeper to feel the more subtle physiological and psychological effects. You will be able to hold the poses for longer periods of time than usual and the longer students stay in a pose the more key organs and glands become drenched with revitalised blood.

The very nature of Restorative Yoga Classes Perth creates the perfect setting to reaching deeply into the nervous system. The practice can dismantle chronic tension patterns, improve immune function and bring the body back into its original stated of equilibrium.

Mastery of Yoga will assist you to strengthen the body and still the mind. Make a booking today to secure a place in one
of our classes.


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