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Intention Seminar

yoga courses perthSuitable for all levels, the purpose of the Intention Seminar is to learn to manifest your intention by grounding the body through yoga and by holding ‘circle’. The safely created by the parameters of the circle enable participant to seek their own longing and wisdom. Some of the magic simply comes from the ancient gathering of men and women to create an opportunity to be heard without prejudice or advice. Exploring the ancient art of sacred circle is a reverent and profound practice.


Stress is a cause of disease in the body and there has much research on the effects of stress including high blood pressure, diminished red blood cells and increased white blood cells. Stress can impact your quality of life and ruin your sex life, and possibly damage your brain. The stress response can become more damaging then the stressor itself. Meditation, which is suitable for all levels, has been shown to relieve stress, improve concentration and increase happiness.



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